Conceived in relation to this art space situated at Orchard Road, the heart of Singapore’s shopping culture, this project is an inversion of Mastercard’s advertising slogan (There are certain things money can’t buy, but for everything else, there’s Mastercard). The aim is to serve as reminder, to the consumers drowned in the manufactured tidal waves of buying and selling, of those certain things that really can never be bought.

In this instance, it would be a personal hand-written letter to someone close, containing messages which could not or should not be written or drafted by anyone than the sender. This form of letter is very much the contrary of messages, ranging from official ones, such as resignation letter (where templates could easily be found) and business correspondence (written in place by a secretary, but signed by the boss), to mass-produced cards with cliché readymade greetings and well wishes.

The irony, however, lies in how this project adopts the commercial form it is critiquing – instead of presenting the opposite, for instance, an abstract, formalist artwork which is not for sale. This non-commercial art space in Scotts Road, which is a rarity in the district, would be converted to a ‘product showroom’, displaying limited edition of series of personal-letter-template box set (please refer to the ‘product details’ attached) by Personal Note. Apart from mere parodying, this is part of our strategy to spread the message, and draw in the crowd, of mainly shoppers that are very often blind to or intimidated by artistic forms, into the gallery space by ‘impersonating’ the project as a product launch.


Dimensions variable

Collection: Singapore Art Museum

A collaboration with Kooy Siew Yen and He Yue.