Suspicious Article: The Bag of Samuel Chen is about an art student whose ideas and tastes in local contemporary art differs from what is ‘regurgitated out there’. Chen vehemently disagrees with abstract paintings, especially Abstract Expressionism.

During the opening of the exhibition, Chen would set the timer for the bomb to go off at exactly the right moment when the Guest-of-Honor completes his speech and declares the show open. His bomb would then go off, spewing paint all around the gallery and ‘vandalizing’ the surrounding artworks. The irony of Chen’s work is that he ends up creating a work which resembles very closely, the type of art work which he despises.

In this project, vertical submarine’s response would be to create a similar situation by making an object that looks like a bomb, ticks like a bomb, but would not explode during the opening. Viewers would expect it to go off but it does not. It keeps on ticking and prolongs the suspense throughout the exhibition thereby raising the question of the validity of the bomb and indirectly questioning the validity of the art object.

Painting and Installation. Dimensions variable.