With reference to the visual composition on the verso of Singapore dollar notes, Colour of Money features a series of drawings vertical submarine would to propose to the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Without altering the core social messages, such Arts, Sports, Garden City and Education, or the denominations of dollar bills ($ 2/ $5/ $10/ $25/ $50/ $100/ $500/ $1000 S$10000) the collective would like to highlight the flipside of each category, depicted in cold hard cash.

In this first installment, Our SGD $2.00-Education, illustrates the perennial problem in our local education system. Instead of the nerdy-looking college students listening attentively to the lecturer (please refer to your 2 dollar note), we would like to depict the reality where students in school would include delinquents with bad haircuts, gathering outside old shopping malls with internet cafes and pool halls; smoking, making out, or staring blankly at the void deck. With this drawing we hope the Ministry of Education would seriously look into this issue, and reconsider corporal punishment - in fascist/medieval style - as the effective measure.


Dimensions variable.