This project comprises a series of books that do not carry the function of books. For example, the idea of a book that cannot be opened (sealed). Liberating the book from its function; from the servitude to an end, a purpose...decapitation of function which heads the meaning of a book... that releases other possible potentials of 'book' - which should not only be defined by it's function (or usual function). Somehow it is hard for it to be absolutely functionless but at least this time it carries a different function (the slave with a new master).

Presented in 4 stages: Stage 1: Mutilated sentences (disruption of the syntactical and lexical: words and sentences) Cut out history book, and [18] a communist manifesto with certain words scratched off with a 5 cent coin
Stage 2: Calligraphic – reversed text that appears as both image and word
Stage 3: Iconographic – the book that has only the picture of an unopened book when it is opened.
Stage 4: The abstraction of one essential feature of one form of book – the physical opening and closing of a book.

Installation. Dimensions variable.

A collaboration with Wong Hong Weng

Collection: Singapore Art Museum