Flirting Point acknowledges the basic inclination of most men, women, animals, and some insects: to flirt.

Despite its noble aims for human civilisation, an art museum is not purely a place for art events or cultural activities. Besides looking at artworks on display, our vision, at times, would stray to hunks and babes in the galleries who are just as visually intriguing. This is especially the case during exhibition openings.

According to a survey, conducted in 2009, flirting at the museum is one of the fundamental causes of marital disputes, decline in workplace efficiency and the general public’s lack of interest in the arts. Hence, in order not to hinder the serious-minded museum visitors; to help unburden the huge social and moral responsibilities of museum staff and artists; and for the future of Singapore’s art, all flirtatious activities at SAM shall be restricted within a designated area.

Light Installation

Dimensions variable

Collection: Singapore Art Museum

In conjunction with Art on Sands, ZoukOut 2009