In this project for Night Festival: New World 2010, the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) was under the siege of Black Baroque Interventionists (BBI) and vertical submarine. Parts of the occupied building, including the underground dungeon of SAM, were converted into an Abusement Park. This 'occupation' is driven by a collective nostalgia that extends to carnivalesque and grotesque phenomena in history such as the spectacle of public execution, and 'madwomen' at the funfair of the post war years. Investing in the common instincts between the applause when a king pronounces, 'off with their heads!' and the slapstick laughter when a man slips on a banana peel, this two-night event, will feature instruments of pain as entertainment, and tortured souls as amusement. For our consumerist society where it is an imperative to enjoy, this event is a remarriage of an old estranged couple: Mr Death Drive and Ms Pleasure Principle. But how could an act of abuse be entertaining? Well, this would not be a question for the inmates who are now running the prison, or the guards who were formerly amused by how they could abuse the inmates. We guarantee smiling faces of the 'victims' while waiting for the blackheads on their noses to be guillotined.

This project is part of the Singapore Night Festival 2010: New World 2010 by Black Baroque Interventionists (BBI) & Vertical Submarine. Conceived and curated by Ong Keng Seng. Organised by TheatreWorks.

Gobindeep Sigh Sandhu as Guard 1
Afiq Rezza B. Norrezat as Guard 2
Lim Pei Woon (Noc Vvyne) as Guard 3
Hema Lata D/O Veeramohan as Guard 4
Sharul Nizam Bin Mohd Shalihin as Guard 5
Deva Raj as Guard 5
Muhammad Nhawfal Bin Jumiat as Dick the Dictator
Mohammad Afham as Queen Fiona
Juhardi Mohamed as Captain Capital
Nurulain Naharudin (Ain) as Money Changer
Nuruljannah (Jannah) as Pawn Shop Owner
Chen Mingshi (Max) as Pawn Shop Runner
Francesca Ann Loo as Miss-Information
Elaine Goh as Butcher
Qamarul Asyraf in Hosri as Shooter
Kenneth Christopher Meals as Shooter
Nur Diyanah Bte Mohd Azmi as Waitress for The Fountain of Youth
Oranje Lwin as Magic Key Seller
Lim Yan Hsiang as Fortune Teller
Ida Winifred Akello as Teacher
Salihin Jaafar as The Selfish Slave Trader
Yu Dan Ya as Happy Slave
Nurnilah Binte Jumat as Lift Attendant
Luqman Nul Hakkin as Lift Attendant
Jasmine Yeo as Paparazzi 1
Shirley Khng Lee Shan as Paparazzi 2
Marisse Isabel A Caine R as Paparazzi 3
Sharon Sim Xiang Yun as Paparazzi 4
Marc Gabriel Loh as Hungery Artist
Ben Yap as Commentator
Ben Slater as Commentator
Tony See as Commentator

Exhibited Works
Dark Night of the Soul, 2010, Aquatint Etching, 31cm x 38cm by Clare Marie Ryan
and those little worries are in the way again, 2010, Performative Video, 06:05 by Ezzam Rahman
Petra, 2010, Performative Video, 27:37 by Ezzam Rahman
Forget Me Not, 2010, Digital print on watercolor paper, 56.5cm x 75.5cm by Gina Loh
Freaks, 2010, Screen print on ceramics and wood, 75 x 52 x 8cm (each) by Marc Gabriel Loh
Hanging You Out To Dry, 2010, Soap bars, clothes rack and meat hooks, Variable by Leroy Sofyan

Abusement Park: Abusing Amusement


Installation + Performance

Dimensions variable