VERTICAL SUBMARINE- an independent art collective based in Singapore with three members - Joshua Yang, Justin Loke and Fiona Koh (in the order of seniority) who paint a bit, write a bit, draw a bit, but eat, drink and sleep a lot.

  • 2010- The Garden of Forking Paths at Grey Projects, Singapore
    The Colour of Money: Our Two-Dollar Education for 'i-AM Deciphered', Post-Museum, Singapore
    Flirting Point at Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
  • 2009- Flirting Point for 'Zoukout 09', Siloso Beach, Singapore
    Suspicious Article: The Bag of Samuel Chen with Samuel Chen for 'These Things Must Be Done To Get Along In Life', Post-Museum, Singapore
    The Sun as the Ceiling Light for 'OH! Open House' by Salon Projects, Niven Road, Singapore
    Planting Shadows for 'Nature Borne – Singapore & Korea Joint Sculpture Exhibition', Singapore Botanic Gardens
    Analogic for 'Singapore Art Show 2009', Post-Museum, Singapore
    A View with a Room for 'President's Young Talents 2009', 8Q SAM, Singapore
    Shopping for a Personal Letter with Kooy Siew Yen & He Yue, Wheelock Gallery, Singapore
  • 2008- Fool's Gold for 'Zoukout 08', Siloso Beach, Singapore
    Singapore Young Contemporary Artists exhibition and website launch, Sculpture Square, Singapore
    Decomposition II: Publications is Prostitution (Vertical Submarine's inaugural solo show) part of 'Substation's Open Call', Substation Gallery, Singapore
  • 2007- Foreign Talents for 'Raised' a part of Curating lab (coordinated by Sculpture Square), Singapore Art Show 2007, Singapore
    Shut for 'Autobiobliophiles' (co-organized by the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong), Studio Bibliothèque, Hong Kong
  • 2006- EVERY marx NEEDS AN engels for 'Withdrawing', Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery 2, Singapore
    Dead books: Decomposition for 'Txtrapolis: Contemporary Text-based art from Singapore', The Film Center, University of Philippines
  • 2005- Spacepork for 'Singapore Art Show - New works by Singapore Artists: Open section', Singapore Management University, Li Ka Shing Library Building, Singapore
    Dead books: Decomposition, 'Txtrapolis: Contemporary Text-based art from Singapore', Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Gallery 2, Singapore
    Think Pig Think Spacepork, 'tickleart series' curated by Arto Mato and Danger Museum, CityLink Mall, Singapore
  • 2004- In the movies for R (A) - Rated Artistic: Artists Take On Cinema,'The 6th Annual Worms Festival', Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore
    Tally-Vision for Windows @ Wisma Atria, Wisma Atria, Singapore
  • 2003- Non_Sands, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore